CLR 2013 free sampler online

18 Aug

Check out the free sampler:


0fight8 – No more compassion out now!

11 Jul

The angry Frisian quartet 0fight8 is playing propper late 80’s New York influenced hardcore. Hate from 88 kind of stuff. Straight forward steamtrain hardcore with harsh, love it or hate it, no compromise vocals.

Check out the video for “the wrong and the wrong” here:


Now go ahead and buy the record!

Crashfest videos on youtube

15 Feb

Check out the Crashfest videos on our Youtube channel.


Crashfest: our 10 year anniversary

22 Dec


This december it’s been 10 years since we put out our first release:

Broken Circle – A storm within

To celebrate we’re putting on a small two day festival here in Zwolle early feb 2013. We hope to see you there!

CLR fall update

20 Oct

We’ve got a few updates this fall.

Crash Landing Records has a new adres:
Prins Alexanderstraat 30
8019 XH Zwolle
The Netherlands

We wish Martin and his family all the best in their new house.

Dirty East hits the road.
They’ll be playing Halle and Berlin this weekend and Strourbridge and Nottingham the next.
Check their facebook page for more details.

Toxic shock is recording again.
Belgian punk/thrash crossover outfit have had an amazing year and are currenly recording a follow-up to their awesome first record.

Dominator featured band in the Hague music scene.
Dominator is getting some well deserved attention from local media after being featured as a band the city can be proud of. Check the Dominator facebook for more details and showdates.

Sadly Grazes is calling it quits. Download their discography from bandcamp or get the records cheap at your local retailer or through us. New projects have already been formed.
We wish them all the best.

Massive Assault will shortly release a split 7″ with Entrapment and the 12″ to their awesome Death Strike record. We’ll keep you updated.

Grazes + Dirty East GVD and Kingterror on the road.

1 May

Toxic Shock – Toxic Shock 12″ out now!

25 Apr

One sided, white, screenprinted, hole in sleeve cutted, pounding belgian thrash crossover awesomeness. TS is like a homeless shelter for Damaged Goods members so we just had to get involved with this release.

For people who dig DRI, Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste it’s just plain silly not to buy it. I heard a comment at their live show: “all riffs are stolen from slayer”. But isn’t that always the case…

Dominatör – Trashmetal 12″ out now!

23 Apr

Februari 3rd 2012 is a date underlined in metal history books. Finally Dominatör has released their magnum epos: “Trashmetal” on 12″ vinyl. Harsh 80’s thrash with 90’s mosh breakdowns.

“Als je deze straks niet hebt, heb ik medelijden met je”


We already got the new albumsleeve tattoed. That´s just how siked we are.

Dirty East U.K. shows and record update

21 Apr

Dirty East released their new 12″ LP: Apetiet for destruction october 2011.
Currently cloloured vinyl is gone. GNR ripoff artwork by Gijs Onemancircus, recorded with Fredde Dirtybird of course.

Upcoming shows:

April 27th: Vroomshoop w. Born From Pain and Toxic Shock

may 3rd: Glasgow w. Grazes

may 4th: Sheffield w. Grazes

may 6th: Dalston w. Grazes

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