Crash Landing Records started out late 2002. No businessplan, no long term goals and no money. And it´s been like that ever since.

But in the mean while we released whatever we could and liked. We are really fucking done with cd´s though. Vinyl is like pure sex wrapped in cardboard. So that´s how we roll.

We organize shows when we can. We sell, trade and distribute our asses of, and get better organized in the process.

We like all kinds of music. For now the label is mostly about hardcore and metal. Who knows what’s next? You bet it’s going to be a killer!



VAT | NL8133.90.357.B01
CHAMBER OF C. | 8126664 Zwolle
BANK ACCOUNT | 396860354 (m.brinkman e.o. | Zwolle)
IBAN | NL20 RABO 0396 8603 54



Crash Landing Records
Prins Alexanderstraat 30
8019 XH Zwolle
The Netherlands
CLR on facebook


Jack of all trades 

Ton van der Most

Label genious

Martin Brinkman

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