Finally updated list of releases

13 Apr

I finally updated the list of our releases and made a page for it on this wordpress, check that if you are interested. I also found the list of our releases on Discogs to be fairly accurate. Not to shabby for third person info.

Sadly all the shows we are putting up in Zwolle in coorperation with Jacks Music Bar and ‘Ondergrondse’ collective, including the releaseshow for RC Sullivan – Caution 12″ are postponed due to the corona pandemic.


Crashfest 3 & 15 year anniversary

4 Nov


TeethGrinder cd coming up!

18 Mar

After completely selling out the 7″, we’re finally releasing the record on cd. Should be done end of this month by the time TeethGrinder sets out on their european tour.

Check back for updates or pre order in our crashlandingrecords.bandcamp


TeethGrinder, Grown Cold and Dirty Feast vinyl now available

30 Mar

The TeethGrinder 7″, Grown Cold 12″ and Dirty East Godverdomme/ Feast split 7″ are now available from the Crash Landing Records online store!




Two Crash Landing shows coming up

18 Feb

Next sunday:

March 15th:


TeethGrinder 7″ coming up!

25 Jan


Grown Cold to release new vinyl on CLR

4 Dec


We’ll keep you updated!

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